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Being a Young Carer?

  • Are you at Primary or Secondary School?
  • Aged 5-18?
  • Do you help look after someone at home because they cannot look after themselves?

Half of all Young Carers provide up to 10 hours of care each week, with many caring for more than 50 hours a week

What does being a Young Carer mean?

Being a Young Carer can affect your life in many ways.

  • It can make you feel different, but that's okay.
  • You may find that you can't concentrate at school or college, and that you don't have as much time to study.
  • It could be hard to keep up with your friends. You may have to cancel plans to look after the person you care for.
  • Sometimes it can feel like being a carer has taken over your life.
  • You may also be worried about what's happening at home.
  • You may feel angry with the person you are looking after.
  • You may feel neglected, and then feel guilty for feeling that way.

Being a Young Carer is a big responsibility and that can sometimes be really hard, but positive things can also come out of the experience. Things like becoming closer to the person you care for, learning new skills and feeling more mature.

Here are some links to short films about Young Carers:

Who cares for you? - Young Carers speak about their experiences and give opinions on services


Young & Caring

In this film Kelly, a young carer, talks through what it is like looking after her disabled mother. As a 24 hour carer, who also attends school, Kelly's life is a constant battle, leaving her with little time to enjoy her childhood. Young carers are rarely recognised by society, and their vital role is not understood. This film aims to raise awareness of their work.


Story of a Young Carer

Young people in Blackpool made this film about what it feels like to care for a parent. Jaymelea describes a typical day looking after her mum.


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