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Welcome to East Sussex Young Carers

There are over 3,000 Young Carers in East Sussex! It is important that Young Carers know that they are not alone in their caring role.

East Sussex Young Carers support the most vulnerable Young Carers aged 5-18 who are responsible for caring for a family member with a long term illness or disability, prioritising Young Carers caring for a parent with a mental health or drug and alcohol issue.

Young Carers are caring for a parent, a sibling or a relative living in their household. The family member being cared for may have health concerns such as Alcohol addiction, drug misuse, Depression, Personality Disorders, MS or Cancer. It is possible that Young Carers are caring for more than one person in the family.

The caring role could be practical, for example the Young Carers could be giving medication, providing personal care or managing the household budgets and chores. The caring role may also involve emotional support such as listening to problems, talking about their loved ones feelings or giving them space.

Being a Young Carer can have both a positive and negative impact on a child’s life. It can impact on confidence, opportunities to socialise, emotional wellbeing, education and future.

East Sussex Young Carers works in partnership with Early Help, Education, Health, and Voluntary Organisations to achieve the best outcomes for Young Carers aged 5-18. If you are working with a family with a Young carer please click here for more information.

What does East Sussex Young Carers do?

  • Information, advice, guidance, signposting and advocacy through a single point of contact called the Young Carers Hub. This is available to Young Carers, Families and Professionals.
  • Chill Clubs are dedicated groups in East Sussex for Young Carers to meet each other, talk about their caring role and of course have fun! Chill Clubs are tailored to the nature of the caring role with a focus on hidden Young Carers.
  • East Sussex Young Carers support team provides face to face support to Young Carers individually and to the whole family. The team will be guided by other professionals or keyworkers with the family and will seek out relevant expertise from other professionals for the benefit of the family.
  • Education is essential to a Young Carers development. East Sussex Young Carers offers tailored training and information to schools which will enable them to identify and support Young Carers in house.